Be Your OWN Voice


BLU RIVER marketing is proud to develop, create unique campaign material, strategic ideas for candidates running for office. We will work with you and your staff every step of the campaign trail from petitions to canvassing, fundraising (one of our specialties), distributing your message (phone banking, mailing, TV, social media, knocking on doors, talking to friends and family about the candidate, and much more), email campaigns, and why YOU are the best candidate to represent the community. 


We will help you get your message across.


Emily was considered the underdog and had NO chance to win the primary in 2007, when she ran for Trustee. With very little help, she mounted her own campaign and formula to win the primary and the election. Emily worked hard and prove that she deserved the win afterwards but still till this day, she always says that WIN was always Thanks to her mother and her small group of believers and trusted friends.